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? >> the whole thing was built around. when max baucus sat down with chuck grassley to negotiate seven months of fruitless negotiations, the beginning ploy was we're going to use your framework from 1993/'94. one of the things that's bizarre, you've got a health care plan driven around private competition. >> republicans. >> which is what republicans ought to embrace that, it would advance their ideology. but he had no opportunity from the beginning. when robert draper reported in his book that inaugural eve we had a strategy that they were going to vote against everything in unison. basically killed all of that from the getgo. >> i want to get your voice in here. local media when it covers politics, they don't have a lot of reporters. some don't have a political reporter anymore. one politician goes to something, they quote him, quote the other guy and say a lot of finger pointing today and drop it. they never explain who's right. they never show any discernment about what is said. is that a problem today with media, national, mainstream media, simply says well, the democrats, republicans ar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)